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Emily Greaney is currently studying Drawing and Painting at Oregon College of Art and Craft and is due to graduate with a BFA in Craft this coming May. Her work, anything from print work to mixed media painting, revolves around the emotional exchange of human soul and nature and the layers in between. She draws most of her inspiration from the landscape and its relation to the foundation of human spirituality, from its beginnings to its contemporary relevance. To embody this experience she melds together the figurative and the organic using abstraction and selective representation. Through her work, she hopes to evoke that interplay of experience and internalization in the viewer.

Mind Your Head (April 2014)
Mind Your Head (April 2014)

If you see her on 1st Thursday, please say hi!

Call for PNCA Student Work


Duplex is now accepting submissions for a group show of 2D work by graduating art students (senior year undergraduate or graduate level). Please read submission guidelines before submitting any work.

February 2015, Duplex would like to host a selection of work from art students at PNCA. This show will run from February 2nd through the 27th, with a first Thursday opening on February 5th, 6-9pm.

Duplex is an art and design minded collective and gallery in NW Portland, Oregon. We highlight new and emerging artists. The gallery serves to connect these artists with an approachable gallery setting.

Each applicant is encouraged to visit the gallery before submitting.

Submission Guidelines:
1. Each submission must include at least 5 images to represent the show.
2. Please include contact information (name, address, email, phone).
3. All submissions must include a biography.
4. All submissions must include an artist statement.
5. Each piece must be finished and wall ready.

Please email the above to The deadline is December 1st, 2014. 

In the Studio – Abigail McNamara

Though we aren’t having an official First Thursday opening tonight, October is host to an exciting project here at Duplex! This week begins the time based installation of Abigail McNamara, we invite viewers to come through during the month to observe the artist at work and the evolution of piece (her schedule will be posted if you want to see her in action). Please mark your calendar on November 6th for the opening reception and to see the completed space!

A few weeks ago we were able to sit down in her studio to discuss her installation at Duplex as well as her previous work.


Duplex: Tell us a little bit about your background.

Abigail McNamara: I grew up in a little mountain college town, Missoula, MT. When I was eighteen I moved to Portland, and I’ve been here for about six years now. I went to Lewis & Clark College and I took my first art class there as a freshman.

D: Were you an art major at the time?

AMc: No, I was undecided. I remember thinking at 18 that I was too old to become an artist, like my chance had already passed me by. But that wasn’t true, of course. I began by studying drawing. A lot of my work was more representational and figurative, but even at that time I was very interested in nature and the natural world. Depictions of animal and plant life were coming up in much of my work. Pattern and detail were prevalent early on as well. Although my work looks very different today than it did then, I can easily follow the threads of these themes into the sculpture and installation work that I do now.


D: Tell us a little about the installation at Duplex.

AMc: This one is going to be very different. Everything that I make is time-based in nature; all of my working methods involve these detail-oriented and repetitive tasks. With each new piece I like to make my own craft, something that’s very meditative and regimented. I love getting lost in that process. This piece is going to make that process much more public than it has ever been. If you look at my finished work you can see that it’s very laborious, that it’s one tiny thing building upon another. By inviting people to come in and watch this process over time, that slow expansion of the work will be much more central to this installation. And for me this brings into focus the ideas of growth and decay.

There are a lot more unknowns going into this project because I want to leave space for things to evolve. I want to allow my work and my process to respond to my viewers as well as the architecture of the space. All of the walls in the space are very distinct, so I think I’ll be creating three or four distinct wall drawings. I call them drawings because the first renditions of this idea were done on paper. But they could be anything you want… sculpture, installation, painting, performance. There’s a little bit of everything in this piece.


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